Payment of Annual Team Fees Policy


Payment of Annual Team Fees

The Nether United FC policy regarding payment of team fees is designed to allow teams to meet required expenses while operating under a “breakeven” budget. The Team Treasurer, in conjunction with the Club’s Travel Director and DoC, shall develop an annual budget for his/her team’s expenses based on activities determined by the Club and Coaching Staff to be appropriate for that team’s level of play. The team’s budget shall be shared with all team families at the start of the season.

Annual team expenses shall be divided evenly among all rostered players. The Team Treasurer shall determine a payment schedule that will enable the team to meet all anticipated expenses.

Families shall make payment within 14 days of stated deadlines and/or communicate with the team staff a suitable alternative plan (i.e. needs extension for x days, etc.). This alternative plan must be adhered to.

Any scheduled team payment more than 30 days delinquent, and without a plan that was communicated and confirmed by the team’s staff, will result in the player’s immediate suspension from all team activities. The following steps will be taken at that time:

· The team will notify the Club’s Travel Director and Registrar of delinquent status and surrender the player’s pass to the club.

· The player will be notified of suspension. The player may not participate in any team activities including practice. If payment remains delinquent, EPYSA may be notified that the player is in bad standing regarding required fees. The player will be prevented from making any team changes.

Nether United  FC’s goal is for all players and families to have a positive soccer experience while meeting required financial obligations. Families needing special payment arrangements should discuss alternatives with the Team Treasurer. Any agreed upon plan must enable the team to continue to meet all expenses without putting undo financial pressure on other members of that team.

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