Nether United Travel Soccer Tryouts General Information

Nether United is excited to announce it's 2018/2019 travel soccer tryout schedule. New starting in 2016 and due to our continued focus on developing the younger travel ages, Nether is focusing solely on the Zone 1 player. Zone 1 is the under 8 through under 12 players. This zone is focusing on developing soccer skills that will carry a player to higher levels of play as they get into the middle school, high school and collegiate levels. Nether combines a top-notch, fully licensed coaching staff, professional organization and modern player development structure and the best maintained fields & facilities in the area to provide a great soccer environment for our players to develop in. 

We are equally excited for players born 2006(U13) through 2000 (U19) as they can play locally with our new elite club, 1776 United FC, which is also based in the Wallingford area. 1776 United FC solely focuses on the U13 through U19 ages and developing, training and competing at the highest levels. If you are a 2006 through 2000 player and training and playing at the highest level is important to you, become part of the Delaware County’s top performing club in the area, click here  to learn about the tryouts and background for the regional and national level teams with 1776 United FC.  1776 FC has more than 50% of its teams competing at the top regional and national levels, showcasing the players' abilities to college coaches at the largest tournaments and highest level leagues in the US. 

Background on Nether Travel

Each year, Nether fields up to 3 teams in each age group from Under 9 through Under 12. For the current season, Nether United Soccer Club fielded 20 travel teams. While tryouts are held in the spring, the actual travel team season starts in the late Summer with training starting in late July through early August with the Fall season.  Most teams compete in one or more tournaments in late August and league play starts right after Labor Day Weekend. The Fall season runs through early November. Starting up again in late March, teams also compete and train through Memorial Day weekend for the Spring season. Nether is one of the few Delaware County programs that offer players the chance to compete in both seasons for the same registration fee. 

Nether teams compete in either the Delco Soccer League (Boys), PAGS Soccer League, (Girls), Central League and the Eastern Development Program (EDP) leagues as well EPYSA/USYS State Cups

All Nether travel teams are affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. Age group classifications specify that birthdate ranges from January through December of a child's birth year. Overage players and underage players may not play in an age group, even if they miss the cutoff by one day. Per USSF regulations, all players must submit a copy of their birth certificate to show their proper age. 

Development Partners and Pathway

Nether is the ONLY club in Delaware County that has a complete player development pathway for the highest level and the still-developing youth players. It is the only professionally run soccer club with a full-time Director of Coaching and a Technical Committee that is comprised of nationally licensed members who make decisions on curriculum, coaching,  as well as training and competition calendars for each age group. 

Additionally we offer a pathway to other development programs that either compliment or take over when a player is identified to move to a higher level of play. Nether is an official player development partner of 1776 United FC. . As an official affiliate of thise high level regional club, Nether United receives multiple benefits such as; player pathway for our most talented players, coaching education, and affiliate best practices. .

For our top-level U13-U19 players who want to maintain a scholastic athlete status (play school sports and their club team), our intention to provide the challenge to compete at a competitive level through our elite level 1776 United teams.  These teams will compete in Regional Leagues such as Region 1 Champions League, APL, State, Regional and National championships and some of the most prestigious tournaments in the US through our affiliation with the Delaware County-based club, 1776 FC.  These teams are designed to support and enhance the scholastic athlete’s experience allowing school soccer and club soccer to co-exist and develop at a high-level. In season these teams will train 2-3 times a week and play games throughout the course of the year.

Strategic Partners