NPAA Goal Safety

NPAA Goal Safety---Here is What We Can All Do To Insure Player’s Safety!
 The most important thing we can do for our players is to insure they have a safe place to play soccer. One of the risks with soccer goals is that they can tip over if not properly used and secured. We need everyone involved with our program…players, coaches, trainers, and parents to be aware of the four simple, but critical, things we need in place to insure that our goals are safe.

#1. Never let the children “play” on the goals or hang on the crossbar.

#2. If moving the goals, be sure to have enough hands and appropriate adult supervision to position people around the goal to lift carefully.

#3. Our 8v8 and 11v11 goals have portable 60 pound counterweights which are to be positioned on the back bottom bars to keep the goal from tipping over.

These were made with two chain handles to make them easier to lift and should be carried by two people. They have a groove in the bottom which is designed to fit over the back bottom bar. The large goals for 11v11 fields are to have two weights on each goal (a total of 120 pounds). The smaller goals for 8v8 fields are to have one weight on each goal (a total of 60 pounds) anytime the goal is in an upright position….games, training, practices, etc.

Here is an example of one of our small goals for an 8v8 field with one counterweight in place. (Remember for a large goal on an 11v11 field, that goal would have two weights).

Here’s a side view showing the weight’s groove resting over the back bottom bar.

#4. We need to keep our nets and goals in good condition. Nets do tend to wear out, clips that secure the net to the goal frame can break, and unfortunately we do occasionally see some vandalism. We do a complete survey and repair effort in the very early Spring right before our annual Tournament and prior to Spring soccer on all our fields.

For the rest of the year we need our teams to keep an eye on the equipment they are using for games and practice. If your team sees a goal needing attention… can contact me via email or 610.513.8969 and I will help your team get it resolved. This way we can keep our goals in good shape year round!

Thanks for your help!!!


John Lenart

Strategic Partners