Nether United Identification and Development Method

Technical – All players will be coached in accordance with the Nether United age-specific Curriculum. Over the course of the  training sessions the academy will cover the fundamental technical features of the game. The academy participants will be given skill homework that will be tracked online then used to evaluate and reward the top achievers.

Tactical – Game-related decisions will be isolated in order to provide teaching moments allowing the players the freedom to evaluate their own decisions and self-correct mistakes. We believe for young players the tactical side of the game is not yet linked to position specific moments but decisions related to the basic principles of the game. The players will also be encouraged to use media outlets to expand their exposure to soccer at the highest level.

Physical – Speed, Agility, Quickness and Coordination activities will be incorporated into the soccer specific technical exercises. Injury prevention measures and Nutrition guidelines will be provided for parents and players taking part in the program.

Psychosocial – Our Player Enrichment will be incorporated with the objective to use off field success in all aspects of a young athletes life to enhance their on field performance and enjoyment. Leadership, attitude, professionalism, team unity, work rate, and sportsmanship are some of our core values and will to be introduced with interactive online programs.

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