Majors Rules of Play


Majors Rules of Play
Referee Fee’s: $10 dollars
Age Group:
U10, U11, U12 and U13
4 quarters
Period Duration:
15 minutes per quarter
Time Between Periods:
1 minutes
Time Between Halves:
5 minutes after the half
Total Running Time:
65 minutes
Number of players per side:
multiple styles of play each week - 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 8 v8 etc.
Ball Size:
Size 4
Goal Size:
7’ high x 21’ wide
Field Size:
50 yds wide x 70yds long
Number of Coaches on Field:
Field Location:
Boys & Girls - Smedley Field
  1. Substitutions: Coaches may substitute on any throw in, goal kick for either team or after any goal is scored.
  1. Direct Kicks: Kicking, tripping, holding, hand ball, jumping in, tackling from behind. These fouls result in a penalty shot when done inside penalty box unless identified below. If these fouls are intentional, players receive a red card. Corner kicks and tap are also direct.
  1. Indirect Kicks: (Ball touched by at least two players before it goes in the goal.) Obstruction, off sides, unsportsmanlike conduct, slide tackling, dangerous play (lying on the ground near ball or foot too high in the air). If repeated, yellow card can be given.
  1. Goalkeepers: Can use their hands inside the penalty box and have 6 seconds to distribute the ball. (Encourage quick distribution) Keepers can NOT pick up a ball played back by their teammates’ feet. (They can pick up a ball deflected or hit with another body part.)
  1. Throw-ins: Straight over the head, both feet on or behind the touchline. If incorrect, the other takes throw. (Can’t go directly in goal.)
  1. Playing Time: All players are guaranteed at least 1/2 the game and no goalkeeper can play in goal for more than 1 period per game.

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