Nether Providence Athletic Association (NPAA) Soccer is a not for profit charitable organization formed and incorporated to promote youth soccer, coach, train and organize teams in both travel and intramural leagues. NPAA is a member of United States Soccer Federation [U.S. Soccer], USYSA, Eastern Pa. Youth Soccer Association, the Delco Soccer League (Boys), the Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer League (Girls) and US Club Soccer.

Intramural Programs

Intramural (Fall and Spring) The Intramural Program is designed primarily for the recreational soccer player ages 3 to 12 years old. Coaches are drawn from the community with support from professional youth soccer trainers provided for all age groups. There are also  coaching education clinics and licensure offered to Nether Parent Coaches several times throughout the year. 


All Intramural games utilize US Youch Soccer's recommended small-sided games with scaled down fields and goals being used. This enhances each player's experience with more 'touches' on the ball and being more engaged with the game. Standings and scores are not kept in any intramural games.


The Fall season starts in September (practices may commence in late August) and ends in early November. The Spring season begins mid-March and ends in mid-May. 


It has been a long-standing tradition for Intramural Teams to be named after Native American Nations and Tribes.

Travel Programs

The Travel Team is devised to present a more competitive emphasis on play for the individual who wants to become a more advanced player and who is willing to devote the time, and dedicate his/her efforts to improvement and meeting the commitment of travel including participation in tournaments.

It is recommended that every player play at the level at which he/she is most successful, thus maximizing playing time for the player and adding to their enjoyment and love of the game.

With both Intramural and travel Team Programs, no child is turned away if there is a financial hardship. The club will waive or subsidize fees and costs in such instances.


Background, History & Development

NPAA soccer was initiated strictly for boys in 1965 by Bill Spock at the behest of Ned McIntosh who was then President of the umbrella NPAA which had started in 1960. Ages covered were 8-10. One hundred kids showed up to play. They were lined up by size and then split equally as possible into 6 teams. One problem encountered then, and it still exists, was the availability of playing fields. Another Problem existed as quoted by Bill Spock—"My daughter Susan and two of her girl friends showed up and asked if they could play. In the context in 1965, it was unthinkable. Susan has never let me forget it."

The league grew each year and especially spurted when the community demanded there be a boys high school team. Such a team was formed in 1970 with Chris Jones as head coach. In 1970 Bob Urban took over the NPAA program. Girls were allowed to play but did not come out in great numbers until separate divisions for girls were formed. The growth of girls participation has been enormous.

Fields for practice and game purposes are a constant problem, especially in the Spring.

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